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Termite Pest Control Services

Termite Pest Control

Termites Pest Control Services & Management :-

1. There ar over 3000 delineated species of white ant living these days.
2. These varied species ar counteracted into 3 main species i.e. Subterranean termites,  damp wood termites and dry wood termites.
3. Subterranean white ant is that the most harmful & unremarkably found white ant. It completely prey onwood & alternative material having polyose. It needs wet for its survival.
4. Through review of the property by our skilled team could be a initiative toward the management.
5. we tend to conjointly treat the higher floors & article of furniture, fixture as white ant will infest higherfloors by gaining entry via overrun artifact or by swarms or by secondary colony.

We use ample wood article of furniture /fixtures for the interiors of our premises. we tend to additionally notice use of wood for the structure of recent buildings i.e. wood support cases, beams, rafters, ceiling, flooring etc.everybody continually likes to safeguard this valuable article of furniture fixture from wood destroying insects.

Some most typical wood destroying insects ar as follows -
1 Termites
2 Carpenter ants
3 Woodborers/Powder post beetles

Termite Control Treatment

Termites area unit vital to life on earth. they're found most profusely in forests, specifically tropical forests, and there area unit thousands of species that play an important role within the exercise of element into the atmosphere.

Termites eat wood, and that they facilitate to interrupt down decaying tree trunks within the forest. Notsolely tree trunks, however branches, leaves, and plant matter too robust for different life forms to digest.

Termites area unit the sole ones which will break down wood on a mass scale. while not them, the fallen trunks of trees would shortly assemble and kill the forest.

There area unit over 3000 represented species of insect living nowadays.

These varied species area unit softened into 3 main species i.e. Subterranean termites, damp wood termites and dry wood termites.

Termites have the flexibility to vary from one caste sort to a different throughout their immature stages. this permits the colony to vary the proportion of various caste members because the would like arises.

Subterranean insect is that the most damaging & unremarkably found insect. It completely kill wood &different material having polysaccharide. It needs wetness for its survival


Termite could be a hidden infestation as most of the infestation remains hidden within the structure. Visual signlike presence mud tubes, hollow sound of wood fixture/furniture, discoloration of wooden floors, paneling, presence of winged reproductive/swarms etc.
Through scrutiny of the property by our professional team could be a opening toward the management. whenscrutiny & interaction with owner, occupant/property manager, we tend to arrange the IPM program for white ant management.

Eliminating wet from overrun structure will helps up to the mark of white ant infestation.

Spot Treatment :-

Termite Management Services perform spot treatment i.e. treatment of all visible insect spot by injecting/sprayinginsect powder.


Perimeter Drilling Treatment:-

We treat the external & internal wall perimeter of the troubled buildings.

At the junction of floor & wall, we have a tendency to drill 12mm holes at 30cm intervals. during this angular hole,we have a tendency to inject pesticide struggling to make insecticidal barriers. once our treatment we have a tendency to seal the holes by white or grey cement. Similarly, we have a tendency to additionally drill holes around fastened piece of furniture, fixture, door & window frames, cracks & construction joint.

If the unfold of infestation is serious then this treatment may be disbursed higher floor additionally (after inspection).


Pre Constuction Anti Termite Treatment -


This is a perfect treatment dispensed throughout the development. The treatment is value effective & offersdurable protection against termites.

We carry out anti-termite pre construction treatment as per IS 6313.
1st STEP: - Treatment of sides & bottom surface of foundation up to height of 300mm is dispensed by spraying water based mostly pesticide @ 5L/m.

2nd STEPI: - we have a tendency to treat the backfill earth in immediate contact with the inspiration by spraying water based mostly pesticide @ seven.5L/ m.

3RD STEP: - we have a tendency to treat high surface of the consolidated earth at intervals pedestal wall with water based mostly pesticide @ 5L/m.

4th STEP:- we have a tendency to treat the world on external perimeter of the building when completion whenrodding at 15cm interval to a depth of 30cm to show the inspiration wall surface @ seven.5L/ m of surface with water based mostly pesticide.

We conjointly treat the higher floors & piece of furniture, fixture as white ant will infest higher floors by gaining entry via plagued artefact or by swarms or by secondary colony
Carpenter ant will be simply distinguished from white ant by their dark color slender waist, and elbowed antennae. These ants like damp /rotting wood, foam &cellulose insulation. They expel wood fragment from their excavation purpose.

Mode of the treatment is rely on the infestation level & plagued space.


Woodborers / Powder Post Beetles -


There square measure many species of powder post beetles square measure found everywhere the world.they're varied long from 1/16'' to 3/8''. they need two-dimensional bodies, a outstanding head & metamericantennae. a while they'll lie dormant for long amount of your time.

Actual harm is caused by larvae. Larvae bore into the wood as before long as they hatch. Living within thewood, they produce tunnels known as as galleries as they eat their manner through the timber.

When the larvae square measure nearly full fully grown, they bore to the surface of wood & acquire. The adult bore out through the surface before long once pupation, pushing a fine powdery wood dirt.

Mode of treatment is once more relying upon the extent of infestation. we have a tendency to inject oil primarily based insect powder by doctor's syringe into the holes created wood borer. If the wood is in raw condition, we are able to treat the surface with oil primarily based insect powder. it's continually essential to watch therecent infestation. 



Garden Pests / Insects Management 

Gardens, lawns & indoor plants square measure continuously on high risk from a spread of pests like aphids, ants, mealy bugs, slugs, spiders ,mites, white fly, scales , termites, grass hopers, bees ,wasps, crickets, beetles, moths, borers, snails .

We need to battle perpetually to manage this big selection of blighter throughout the year.

Careful examination, interaction with gardener/owner/manager, sound information of blighter biology & systemmay be a should for blighter management operator.

We provide tailor created services relying upon the kind & scale of infestation.


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 Low Cost Pest Control Service

Low Cost Pest Control Service

Commercial Services - Complete Professional Pest Management.

Commercial Services - Complete Professional Pest Management

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All Type of Commercial, Residential Pest Control Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra

We Fulfill Your Requirements & Get the Best Quotations for Top Pest Control Services Companies

Get the Best Quotations for Top Pest Control Services Companies

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