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Cockroach Pest Control Services

Cockroach Pest Control Services

Cockroach Pest Control Services & Managment :-

Cockroaches area unit among the foremost common pesterer in house, offices, food process industries, hotels etc. they need remained virtually unchanged for over three hundred million years & thence referred to as living fossils.

Most of the roach species area unit nocturnal and pay their days resting deep at intervals tight fitting cracks & crevices. They need long slender antennae. Cockroaches use mastication mouthparts to scavenge on organic material. Cockroaches will eat on the subject of something & will survive while not food for long amount of your time.

This insect will harm additional material then it consumes & emits a disagreeable odor.

Cockroaches area unit illustrious for unfold of range of diseases to humans as well as enteric bacteria and intestinal flu, dysentery, typhoid fever and infectious disease. Cockroaches can even cause allergies. Poor sanitation by one tenant will become the supply of infestation for a whole apartment/building/ advanced.

1) Cockroach Management Treatment

Depending upon the extent of infestation, its spread, past history of the treatment, we tend to arrange the treatment. we offer only once treatment likewise as regular treatment schedule (AMC) For dictyopterous insect management our mode of treatments is as follows -

Cockroach Management By Gel

Cockroach gel treatment may be a revolution in dictyopterous insect management. the applying of gel is fast & doesn't cause any disturbance. Gel are often applied while not disturbance to the persons, pets, material or appliances. this is often a good relief for homeowners, servants, and kids, allergic & wheezy persons. there's no want for closing the premises when treatment.

We apply dictyopterous insect gels within the room, pantry, store room, table drawers, close to controller boards, corners of refrigerators and every one alternative areas wherever cockroaches usually hide & breed.

The tiny gel spots square measure applied by specially designed applicators. whereas applying gel, we have a tendency to take utmost care that these gel spot square measure applied in such areas that it can't be simply disturbed.

However bound preventive measures must be taken by the occupier as follows -

The gel spot ought to be protected against laundry, dusts & oil spillage.

The gels square measure sensitive & are often become ineffective, if any insect powder or dictyopterous insect repellent is applied close to the gel spot. therefore use of any pesticides ought to be avoided within the areas wherever gel is applied.

Cockroach Pest Control

2) Conventional Spray Treatment

In the state of affairs, wherever dictyopterous insect infestation is significant & wide unfold and needs immediate management, we stock out standard spray treatments. we have a tendency to treat all the crack & crevices by injecting residual insect powder employing a syringe. we have a tendency to additionally spray alldictyopterous insect breeding & concealment areas with spray pumps mistreatment residual pesticides.

Since these pesticides have a characteristic delicate or robust odour, we have a tendency to invariably raise the inhabitant to shut the treated areas for a minimum 2-3 hours when our treatment.

To reach to potential dictyopterous insect breeding sites, we have a tendency to request inhabitant to empty out room, store room, plagued cabinets, lofts etc. for this treatment


3) General Insects Pest Management

It consists of affordable management of travel insects like ants (red & black) & silver fish etc.

Ants are one amongst the foremost common pests in and around homes. Ants have a large kind of nesting habits and food preferences. Some ants build nests in soil, manufacturing characteristic mounds whereas others nest in homes behind moldings, wall tiles and corner of door & window frames. Some ants nest in decaying or wetness broken wood.

Ants go after differing types of food, as well as starches, meats, sweets, pet food, bread, nuts, and insects. Information of emmet food and nesting preferences is incredibly necessary in dominant emmet colonies.

Ants a nuisance and will infest food. Some emmet bites. Some individuals ar allergic to the emmet bites.

We attempt & establish nesting web site of ants & inject insect powder into areas by syringe. we tend to additionally treat corners of bedrooms, bathrooms, front room, passages, servant space etc. we tend to use typical spray pump with residual insect powder to hold out this treatment. Most of those pesticides are water primarily based pesticides & have characteristic odour (mild or strong).

The treated areas got to be vacated for a minimum of 2-3 hours once our treatment.



Treatment Of Common Areas Of Societies

We spray all the areas like ducts, drains, lift pits, manholes, garbage dumps etc. by spraying residual insect powder with typical spray pumps.

 Low Cost Pest Control Service

Low Cost Pest Control Service

Commercial Services - Complete Professional Pest Management.

Commercial Services - Complete Professional Pest Management

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All Type of Commercial, Residential Pest Control Services in Mumbai, Maharashtra

We Fulfill Your Requirements & Get the Best Quotations for Top Pest Control Services Companies

Get the Best Quotations for Top Pest Control Services Companies

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